Grace at Arms' (GRACE@ARMS') logo in red.  Copyright 2011 Bastion Crider, Greg Crider LLC, Grace at Arms.

Those of you familiar with GRACE@ARMS know that our website has always been and our blog (well, our singer, Bastion’s blog) has always been

So what is this “.wordpress” stuff?

There are great bands, funny videos, interesting articles, and valuable information everywhere.  In fact, there’s so much of all of these things, that the vast majority of them (even many of the most fascinating ones) get lost in the barrage.  This means that visibility is extremely important these days.

No matter what you do, what interests you, or what you’re selling, there are millions of people who want it or want to be a part of it.  Where are all those millions?  Everywhere!  Well, everywhere that they know to be.

That’s why we’re opening a second (and maybe third) blog. is awesome and we’re going to keep using it, but it’s generally trafficked by people who already know about GRACE@ARMS.  We can let people know about it through our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., but that’s all the exposure we get.

By creating a blog here on WordPress, though, we’re opening a new avenue to GRACE@ARMS–a new way for potential fans to find us.  We’ll still maintain but we’re going to start mirroring our blogs here as well.

The plan:

We’re going to start by copying several of our more popular blog entries over to this server to see how it goes.  We’ll also be copying our new From the Band Friday blogs and other Grace@Arms news and announcement blogs here as we continue to update them.

[If this is a success, I may move my blog and/or my Scotch whisky tasting notes over here as well.  In the mean time, the majority of my posts will remain at  Keep rocking!  – Bastion]

In the mean time:

Check us out if you don’t already know us!  Here are some links to get you started:

GRACE@ARMS on iTunes!
GRACE@ARMS on Spotify!
Our Facebook page at
Bastion’s Twitter account at
Our website at
Bastion’s original blog at
Our Google+ page.
Bastion’s Facebook page at
Our official Twitter account (though we’d recommend following Bastion) at

The @LIVE 2012 poster for rock band, GRACE@ARMS (Grace at Arms).  The poster was designed by Bastion Crider in December 2011, contains the band's logo, the @LIVE 2012 logo, an image of Bastion Crider with a guitar, and the @LIVE 2012 slogan, "I CAME HERE TO ROCK".  All art, logos, names, slogans, and concepts copyright 2012 by Bastion Crider, Greg Crider LLC, and Grace at Arms.

“You’ve got to rock like the world is watching, bleed like you’ll never heal, sing like you’re the only one who knows the words, and live like it’s your last hour on earth.” – GRACE@ARMS


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