It’s a big Friday for us!  We’ll be rocking the stage at Birdy’s Bar and Grill tonight for the first time since the six4six concert in August!  We’ll be playing at 10pm and Audiodacity will be playing at 11.  The cover is only $5 so come rock with us!  More information here.

If you can’t rock with us at Birdy’s tonight, then be sure to rock with us on YouTube and iTunes!

Here’s what the guys are saying:


The new @LIVE 2012 shirts are in and they came here to rock!  After distributing the pre-orders, we’ve only got a few remaining.  They’ll be available at tonight’s show and then any extras will become available to order at  Enjoy and I hope to see you tonight!

A photo of the new @LIVE 2012 t-shirts for Grace@Arms (Grace at Arms).  Photo by Bastion Crider, January 25, 2012.  All art, all logos, and "I CAME HERE TO ROCK" copyright 2012 by Bastion Crider, Greg Crider LLC, and Grace at Arms.


A picture of my drumset at the studio in Valhalla as we prepare for the show at Birdy’s today!  Time to rock!

Grace@Arms' (Grace at Arms) set up in the studio in the basement of Valhalla, Bastion Crider's home.  Photograph by Milo Crider, January 2012.  All art and logos copyright Bastion Crider, Greg Crider LLC, Grace at Arms 2011 and 2012.


I’m getting fired up and tuned up for the show tonight!  It will feel good to get back on a stage and kick out some jams.  I just have to survive a few more classes, quizzes, study sessions, and assignments between now and then!  And then after, as well.  Oh, well!  Let’s rock!


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