This busted back.

As many of you know from my Facebook page, a disc fragment has burst from my spine and is harassing my sciatic nerve.  Unfortunately, this is going to require surgery–I’ll meet with my surgeon on Tuesday–so wish me luck.  In the mean time, we’ve had to cancel the acoustic show which was scheduled for yesterday and we’ll be holding off on scheduling new concerts until we’ve got a better idea of my recovery time.

Running out of the old, running in with the new.

On the up-side, the @LIVE 2012 t-shirts are selling much faster than we expected and now only a few remain!  Rather than waiting around for them all to dry up, we’re moving on to the next design.  The fans of GRACE@ARMS’ Facebook page have voted for 3/4 sleeve baseball t-shirts and so I’ve gone to work designing them:

The second ALIVE 2012 (@LIVE 2012) t-shirt from Grace at Arms (GRACE@ARMS).  This shirt was designed by Bastion Crider, February 2012.  All art, logos, and "I CAME HERE TO ROCK" are copyright 2012 by Bastion Crider, Greg Crider LLC, and Grace at Arms.
You can’t see it here, but the shirts also bare GRACE@ARMS and @LIVE 2012 logos in white on the sleeves. Umm… badass.

The shirts are made by American Apparel and printed by so they’re of the same exceptionally high quality you’ve come to expect in GRACE@ARMS apparel.  Because of the design and art on the sleeves, these shirts are a little more expensive than the plain t-shirts we previously released and will retail for $23.

Pre-orders (aka “the cheap, fast, guaranteed way to get a shirt”)!

We’re opening the pre-order for these shirts today at our @LIVE 2012 page.  For a limited time, you’ll be able to pre-order one of the new baseball t-shirts for $18.  When they arrive, you’ll be able to pick your shirt up from me or at one of our shows.  The pre-order is how the band affords the actual shirt order, so the size of the order will be directly proportionate to the number of pre-orders.  This also means that the only way you’re guaranteed to get a shirt is to pre-order one!

Click here to go to the @LIVE 2012/t-shirt page!


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