On my original blog (graceatarms.com/bastion), I had been posting poems that I’ve written.  Since they were pretty popular (and since I’ve already posted my poem and video, “A Love Poem For Ghosts” here), I’ve decided to start posting them here on this blog as well.

Note that some of the thoughts and rhymes from these poems might someday become full GRACE@ARMS songs (as “A Love Poem For Ghosts” has done), but in the mean time, these are the shapes they’ll take.

Seconds of Spring

Poems or songs;
Shorts or longs;
Weeks of weaknesses turning to strongs.
The first taste of spring’s got me feeling like King Kong,
Like nothing can hurt me, like nothing can go wrong.
The season’s change drives us to the sunlight in throngs
’cause if the snow comes back, at least it won’t stay long.
 An image of Bastion Crider's head with his thoughts on fire. Photo and art and concept by Bastion Crider, 2011.

Feel free to comment (especially if you comment in verse)!
To read/watch me perform “A Love Poem For Ghosts,” click here!
For more poems, check out the “Poems” category of my old blog here!

If you like my rhymes, then be sure to check out GRACE@ARMS’ iTunes and YouTube for music and videos (and check out GRACE@ARMS’ Facebook page for updates)!

– Bastion


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