I’m back with another poem!  This one even comes with a poetic addendum!

This is a fire-up poem I wrote to myself while I was sinking in winter and needed to get busy on the album and website:

Wake Up, Bastion!

Wake up, Bastion.  Get the hell out of bed.
You’ve got work to do.  You’ve got sayings to said
and songs to sing and writings to write
and holes in your heart that you’ve gotta make right.
Only your eyes are watching you now.
You’re not fast enough to ever slow down
or strong enough to ever relax
or bright enough to think you can slack.
Stop slowing and breaking and wandering ’round.
You know where you’re going, so go there.

After I posted this, my friend Hannah indicated that she might need to start motivating herself through poetry so I offered her this:

Then Hannah, get on it.  Stop wasting your time.
Stop reading this crap.  Don’t wait for the rhyme.
Go do what you meant to be doing right now.
Go be what you’d be if all the walls were torn down.
You need motivation?  So do we all.
Now go grab the world.  Grab it right by the balls.
Wrestle it down.  Make it say that it’s yours.
Draw out everything that you hoped was in store.
If you’re taking anything away from tonight,
make it fuel, make it fire, make it reason to fight.
If you want motivation, go write up a poem,
but don’t stop there at all.  Make it real.  Take it home.
Make it grow, make it live, make it drag you on down,
’til you feel it all the time, ’til you carry it ‘round.
Make it breathe when you choke, make it stand when you fall.
Make it grow ’til it’s you.  Then go conquer them all!
 An image of Bastion Crider, with his thoughts on fire. Photo by Bastion Crider, art and concept by Bastion Crider, 2011.

Feel free to comment (especially if you comment in verse)!
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– Bastion


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