If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, I’ve got an exploding disc in my spine that’s causing me all sorts of trouble.  When we left off, I had just received a “selective nerve root block” shot in my spine, which revealed that the source of my pain was, as we suspected, my S-1 nerve root (or as Dennis Green would say, “they are who we thought they were”).

Surgery Scheduling

After I reported the results of my procedure to my surgeon, Dr. Jean-Pierre Mobasser, we scheduled surgery for Friday, February 24 (this was about two weeks out at the time).  My back was in some serious pain, but I’ll take what I can get–that, and the combination or prescription drugs and about 3,000 mg of ibuprofen I was consuming each day was keeping the pain between a 1 and 3 (which was low enough to function and even occasionally go to work.

Random, but cool:

I got to view the images of my spine that were taken in the MRI!  I have no idea what these things show (I’m just praying this is actually my spine and not something inappropriate), but if you know how to read them, then this is what’s wrong:

An MRI image of Bastion Crider's (of Grace at Arms (GRACE@ARMS)) spine taken pre-surgery to investigate a problem with his S-1 sciatic nerve.

The End of Ibuprofen

Days have been passing and, while the majority of my time is spent in a leaning-to-the-side seated position, I’ve managed at least to post the V-Week videos I had filmed and keep up with a few other things.

Aaaaaaaaand then Thursday rolled around.  In order to make sure surgery goes smoothly, I’ve been instructed not to take any blood thinners (including ibuprofen) starting on Thursday.  As I said, 3,000+ mg of ibuprofen (along with other meds) had been keeping my pain between a 1 and a 3.  Needless to say, Thursday wasn’t fun and, by the time I limped to bed in a narcotic stupor, the lower left quarter of my body was throbbing and twitching in spastic pain.

6:15 am:

I woke this morning to agony that I would rate between an 8 and 9.  It hurt so bad that I couldn’t form coherent thoughts and found myself repeating the same clip of a memory from the night before over and over and over in my head as I stumbled and staggered to the medicine drawer.

I took my prescriptions (but no ibuprofen) and proceeded to writhe in bed and on the floor until 7:30 when my pain level decreased to the point that I could climb to my feet to check the clock, lament, and proceed to stagger (apparently standing is better for my back than sitting or lying down) about the house and let the pain level drop to about a six.

I laid down until 8:30, when I felt comfortable taking a second pain killer.  Cycling my prescriptions, I managed to keep my pain level between 2 and 5.  I’m not looking forward to going to bed tonight, but I’ll do it if it brings next Friday closer.

Thanks for reading!  I’ll be BACK with the doctor’s post-surgery predictions and then with the post-surgery rundown.  In the mean time, keep rocking (and rock extra hard for me)!

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