It’s hard not to enjoy a Friday.  The boys of GRACE@ARMS seem to be enjoying themselves today, too.  Here’s what they’re thinking:


Tomorrow is my birthday!

…and I guess I’ll finish that thought tomorrow.  So between the now and the future, here’s something I thought of in the past (you know, maybe this is a good quote for the day before the birthday of a man who’s so afraid to grow up):

As it turns out, the best is not necessarily the best, the one is not necessarily the one, and the end of everything doesn’t have to be the end of anything at all.

– Bastion Crider, 2009

Two heaps of chocolate candy bars leftover from Bastion's Chocolate Piano.  Photo by Bastion Crider of Grace at Arms (GRACE@ARMS), 2012.

For those of us who can't read more than 200 words before needing to look at a picture, I've finally dismantled (and begun eating) my chocolate piano.


Now, this is the world we live in,
And these are the hands we’re given,
Use them and let’s start trying
To make it a place worth fighting for.

– Land of Confusion
by Phil Collins


The weather in Muncie has been phenomenal!  Gorgeous temperatures and sun soaked skies have made commutes to classes so enjoyable.  I’ve been getting the lead out all week.  The beautiful driving weather has put me in a great mood.  Cheers, everyone!

A banner designed for Grace at Arms (GRACE@ARMS) by Grace at Arms' singer and front-man, Bastion Crider.  All art, logos, and designs copyright 2012 Grace at Arms, Bastion Crider, and Greg Crider LLC.

If you’re unfamiliar with GRACE@ARMS, you can find us on iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, and at our homepage, (you can also find us just about everywhere else–just search for Grace@Arms or BastionAtArms). You can also keep up to date with my blog, my art projects, my music, and my madness at my Facebook, Twitter, and my original blog at

Thanks and thanks again. Keep rocking with all that you’ve got.
– Bastion, of Grace at Arms


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