It’s Friday and we’re two weeks and one day away from the last show Bastion scheduled before his back went out!  If you haven’t marked it on your calendar, mark Saturday, April 28 at Mike & Joe’s in New Castle, IN now!  GRACE@ARMS will take the stage at 6pm!  Bastion’s got some more information (and the other guys have some fun thoughts, too):


Admission for the April 28 show is $5 (you get a scoop of ice cream and some other give-aways) BUT if you show your GRACE@ARMS Ancora card (the one where you put the stickers on it to get free G@A stuff) OR any other G@A card, then you get a dollar off the admission price!

Images of Grace at Arms' (GRACE@ARMS) various business, contact, and Ancora cards.  Artwork, "Ancora", and logos copyright Grace at Arms, Bastion Crider, and Greg Crider LLC.


“It may be that those who do most, dream most.” – Stephen Butler Leacock


I just finished reading the final installment in the Hunger Games trilogy, and I find myself feeling kind of empty.  The books pull you in and nearly force you to keep turning the pages.  The last hundred pages or so left me wondering, “could this have been done differently?”  All in all, however, I loved these books and would recommend them to anyone.  Cheers!


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