Bastion’s speed-eating burritos, Milo’s partying for Little 5, and Cooper’s slack lining!  Check it out!

Also, we’re a week and a day away from our concert at Mike & Joe’s in New Castle, Indiana so be sure to tell your friends, make your plans, order your sick new t-shirts, and pick up your GRACE@ARMS cards (worth $1 off the ticket price)!  In the mean time, here’s what we’re up to:


After I ate that over-stuffed Qdoba burrito in about two minutes, my good friend Andy Adams approached me about eating another one.  I felt like I spent too much time chewing last time and was pretty sure I could beat my time, so Adams and I sat down to tackle a pair of well-packed chicken burritos with fajita veggies, ancho chili BBQ sauce, rice, two scoops of extra-hot salsa, a scoop of corn salsa, cheese, and sour cream.  These things were monsters, but, when I matched my previous time of 2:08 and Adams polished off his burrito, we celebrated… by eating a second round of giant, over-stuffed burritos!


I’m enjoying my final Little 5 week at IU!  BOOM!!!


My friend introduced me to slack lining this week.  Before attempting the endeavor, I was apprehensive.  In retrospect, I was right to be.  Slack lining is like safe, easier tightrope walking.  I used the word “safe” loosely.  If you slip, and the line happens to get between your legs, complications arise.  My advice;  respect the line.

Bastion Crider of Grace at Arms (GRACE@ARMS) and Andy Adams eating giant Qdoba burritos with chicken, fajita veggies, rice, extra-hot salsa, corn salsa, ancho chili bbq sauce, cheese, and sour cream.

If you’re unfamiliar with GRACE@ARMS, you can find us on iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, and at our homepage, (you can also find us just about everywhere else–just search for Grace@Arms or BastionAtArms). You can also keep up to date with my blog, my art projects, my music, and my madness at my Facebook, Twitter, and my original blog at

Thanks and thanks again. Keep rocking with all that you’ve got.
– Bastion, of Grace at Arms

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