All we are, love and scars, grace at arms.

The horizontal logo for Grace at Arms (GRACE@ARMS) in red. Copyright 2010, 2011, 2012 Bastion Crider, Greg Crider LLC, and Grace at Arms.

Sound and Fury

Grace at Arms (GRACE@ARMS) is a guitar-driven rock band which plays intelligent, intensely thematic rock and roll that blends classic rock lyricism and swing with a biting drive and fury.  Their sound falls somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and the Offspring, and is occasionally likened to the Foo Fighters, Counting Crows, Mumford & Sons, Nickelback, Green Day, and harder bands like Metallica.  Samples of their music can be found on their Facebook page, on Spotify, and on iTunes.

An image of Grace at Arms (GRACE@ARMS) performing at the " presents six bands for six bucks" (six4six) concert at Birdy's Bar and Grill in Indianapolis on August 6, 2011.  All art and logos copyright Bastion Crider, Greg Crider LLC, and Grace at Arms except for the Ghostbusters logo pictured on Bastion's t-shirt.


Grace at Arms’ music and lyrics are entirely composed by their singer/rhythm guitarist, Bastion, who also works as the band’s front-man, manager, and promoter.  Bastion maintains a blog at (of which new entries are mirrored here), a Facebook page, and a Twitter account where he provides Grace at Arms news and updates as well as messages of hope and his insights and tasting notes on Scotch whisky.

Bastion and his brother Milo co-founded Grace at Arms in 2008 when they began logging and recording the vast library of music which Bastion had written but had yet to distribute.  The brothers finally released the band’s first CD, Chrysalis, on March 1, 2011.

Bastion and Milo Crider of Grace at Arms (GRACE@ARMS). Photograph by David Nantz of Nantz photography, 2011.

The Chrysalis of Grace at Arms

Chrysalis is a seven song LP which provides listeners with a tour of both the lyrical themes of Grace at Arms and the musical styles most commonly utilized.  The artwork for Chrysalis was developed by Ben Sowards, a friend of Bastion’s who was able to help Bastion funnel the “too-big-to-reduce-to-images” virtual world of Grace at Arms which Bastion was imagining into a fascinating design and a series of images–each relating to a different song in Chrysalis while still contributing to the world of Grace at Arms.  Chrysalis is now available digitally on iTunes and plenty of other download sites which can be found at, but the physical album, available at Grace at Arms concerts and at CD Baby, is still the most complete and beautiful way to experience Chrysalis.

A handwritten note concealed on the first page of Chrysalis’ album insert explains the mentality behind the album as well as an insight into the names, Chrysalis and Grace at Arms:

“This is not an achievement, but rather a promise to achieve.  With that understanding, we proudly present our first album.  This is our beginning and our purpose.  This album shall serve as our Chrysalis.  We will never touch anything we don’t reach for.  We will never be anything we are afraid to become.  Our dreams are foolish unless we pursue them.  Our talents are wasted unless we exert them.  Our grace is not enough.  This is our Grace at Arms.”

The front cover for Grace at Arms' (GRACE@ARMS') first album, Chrysalis.  Art and design by Ben Sowards with the help of Bastion Crider.  All images, logos, art, and "Chrysalis" copyright 2010, 2011, 2012, by Bastion Crider, Greg Crider LLC, and Grace at Arms.

@LIVE 2012

Grace at Arms recently released new concert dates and gear for the new year.  Information, updates, videos, and merchandise are all available at

Update (January 30, 2012):  On account of a herniated disc in Bastion’s back, Grace at Arms will be taking a short break from live performance after their acoustic concerts in February.  Since the first set of @LIVE 2012 t-shirts sold much faster than expected, Bastion will spend the mean time designing new t-shirts and scheduling more shows for the spring and summer months.  Continue to check and Fan Grace at Arms’ Facebook page for updates!

The poster for Grace at Arms' (GRACE@ARMS') @LIVE 2012 (ALIVE 2012) campaign.  Designed by Bastion Crider.  All art, logos, and "I CAME HERE TO ROCK" copyright 2011, 2012 by Bastion Crider, Greg Crider LLC, and Grace at Arms.


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