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It’s Friday and we’ve got news!  Bastion will be making a solo acoustic appearance at a several-band concert outside of Imagine Music in New Castle, IN, at 1:00pm on March 31 to support local businesses and charities!  We’ll be posting more information on, but save the date!  Now, here’s the band:


I’ll make an official announcement if/when there’s something official to announce, but IF I/GRACE@ARMS had a solo/acoustic project coming out in January, which of our songs on YouTube would you like to see on there?

Vote for your favorites by either going to and “Like”ing the songs you’d most like to hear (if you don’t have a YouTube account, they’re free) or by going to and voting for songs in the Poll we posted!  If you do both, your vote counts twice.  Vote for as many songs as you’d like!

 (If my vote counted, I’d vote for “A Love Poem For Ghosts”!)


I spent Tuesday and Wednesday completing part 1 of the national boards in optometry.  Now it’s time to relax [with me at the resort/casino in French Lick! – Bash]!


We are in the season of growing!  The grass is sprouting anew, trees are budding, and everyone and their buddy is crowding the weight room.  One observation I’ve made is that the best lat pull-down machine is never open!  If I have learned one thing in that place, it’s to circle that piece of equipment like a vulture.  That rant aside, it has been nice to work out more often and feel a little healthier.  Cheers!

Bastion Crider of Grace at Arms (GRACE@ARMS) playing acoustic guitar in his home, Valhalla.
If you’re unfamiliar with GRACE@ARMS, you can find us on iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, and at our homepage, (you can also find us just about everywhere else–just search for Grace@Arms or BastionAtArms). You can also keep up to date with my blog, my art projects, my music, and my madness at my Facebook, Twitter, and my original blog at

Thanks and thanks again. Keep rocking with all that you’ve got.
– Bastion, of Grace at Arms